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Name, Company, Job Title, email id, Linkedin profile URL. Check FAQ for all

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Make content work for you.

VALVE SOLUTIONS is a share ready B2B digital platform to help you achieve your B2B Content marketing goals so you dont have to build your own social media channels and focus on what you do best. Our 20000+ members across our social media channels are Manufacturers, Buyers, Endusers, Industry Leaders from the Global Valves and Controls Industry. This way you could publish your articles on our blog and drive high quality traffic to your web content. 


Know more data, sell more.

At Valve Solutions we understand your business challenges. We do the heavy lifting of B2B prospecting your target audience. We build custom data list of leads or your prospects and unlock over 13 data points for you to close that next sale. All our data lists and email ids are validated using AI software. We follow a diligent process to confirm the lead works in the target company as displayed on the linkedin profile and only after testing the work email id for bounce do we qualify that lead to be passed over to you


A Comprehensive Approach

Are you hiring? do you find yourself spending way too much time on job boards or  going through a pile of resumes that lack the skills. We at Valve Solutions have just the right candidate sourcing best practices for you. Just define a simple recipe as {Job Title} + {Location} and or {Company} / {Skill Set} and our data experts will source and send you active and passive resumes of candidates from all the leading job boards and sites every other day for the next 30 days so you are guaranteed to hire the smartest fastest