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The Path to Success

VALVE SOLUTIONS is a share ready B2B digital platform to help you achieve your B2B Content marketing goals so you dont have to build your own social media channels and focus on what you do best. Our 20000+ members across our social media channels are Manufacturers, Buyers, Endusers, Industry Leaders from the Global Valves and Controls Industry. This way you could publish your articles on our blog and drive high quality traffic to your web content. With

our proven track record we can also build custom content marketing solutions for a specific industry, or business vertical as per your need.


A Comprehensive Approach

Our success in curating a niche community across social media got us to the core of data science. We can now offer our cutomers more data driven HR and email marketing solutions. We can now build custom mailing lists with multiple data points or a database of resumes with predefined variables. All the data we harvest is verified using AI software. You define a simple recipe as [Job Title} + {Location} and or {Company}. Our data experts will  build targeted email lists or resume database as per your need. This way you get a 360 degree perspective  even before you start marketing or hiring.