Get 25 validated data fields + PHONE NUMBER in excel sheet in 3 days viz;

Name, Company, Job Title, email id, Linkedin profile URL. Check FAQ for all


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Source resumes as excel files with 25+ validated data fields viz; phone numbers, email id

How much is your hiring cost?

Are you hiring? do you find yourself spending way too much time in the process of getting the point across to recruiters, poor response from job boards or even just too tired from going through a pile of resumes that lack the skills. Worry not, we at Valve Solutions have just the right candidate sourcing best practices for you. Just define a simple search criteria as

  {Job Title} + {Location} and or {Company} / {Skill Set}


and our data experts will source and send you a resume data list in an excel file with 25+ data fields that fit your search description so you are guaranteed to hire the smartest fastest . The biggest challenge today for most HR departments and hiring managers is to find a large talent pool of qualified personnel that can be shortlisted for a suitable position. Research has  showed that more than 30% of  the time and money spent in this process can be done away with, thanks to our candidate sourcing best practices.


With our resume sourcing services  you will recieve ready to import resumes as excel files complete with 25+ data fields including valid phone numbers (work & personal) and email ids (work & personal) completely verified using software. These files can be easily imported into your ATS or CRM software solutions and the data will get parsed so you dont have to do any manual entry. All resumes data lists are complete with contact particulars, work history, education qualifications. You can sort and match candidates based on any of the data fileds  and view the linkedin profile of your target candidates, This way you save time and money not having to go over a pile of resumes.  Our candidate sourcing best practices is bound to get your hiring process upto speed. Need something different? get in touch with us!

                    All our resume data plans come with a  95% accuracy. We offer a bounce back guarantee on all our data.

We do not violate data Privacy laws and comply with the same


Hiring the right candidate within the project schedule can be a difficult task. We ensure you get a steady flow of resumes over 30 days.


We source both active and passive resumes from across all leading job boards and Linkedin with precise location as per client needs. in a pdf file.


We do the heavy lifting to send you resumes that match the skillsets so you dont have to go through a pile of irrelevant resumes.


Share or import pdf files into your CRM or ATS. All data gets parsed so no manual entry. View  Linkedin profile and resume online with a click on the file.


Hiring the right candidate within the project schedule can be a difficult task. Save Time & Money by looking at resumes that only meet your criteria.


We source data from Linkedin profiles with precise search criteria as per your requirement in a ready to import  excel file into your CRM/ATS

Sort & match

We do the heavy lifting to send you resumes as an excel file. sort and match the skill sets so you dont have to go through a pile of irrelevant resumes.


 All imported data gets parsed into CRM/ATS so no manual entry. View  Linkedin profile of suitable candidates with a click on the file.


We do 90% of the heavy lifting prospecting your candidates so you can start hiring right away!


95% Accuracy. We extract, filter, enrich and validate data for every resume. Just the resumes you need.


We will replace any resumes with error in any of the data fields FREE of cost, so you can relax.


We do not maintain any database of resumes. We work on every project as per clients requirement.

Logan Moore

The Data List is just what i needed. I could effortlessly import it into our CRM and we have been buiding a steady pipeline of quality leads through our email campaigns.

Jenna Robetje

The Custom Data Lists are accurate and genuine, tailored just for our requirement. I totally reccomend the Data  lists from Valve Solutions and wont hesitate to place an order. 

Peter Struikman

They have great databases. We just bought 500 excellent leads from them. Great value for your money.