Top 9 ways to promote your webinar.

Updated: Mar 24

So, you're planning on hosting a webinar, Great. Before you proceed you first need to come up with an effective marketing strategy to promote your webinar. Your webinar might be awesome, but without the right audience your webinar is not likely to make that much needed impact you desire. To ensure your webinar gets maximum bang for your buck we have

highlighted a few tips and strategies to make your webinar a success. So lets get started!

1. Start promoting your webinar well in advance.

Ideally you should start promoting your webinar 2 to 4 weeks in advance. Depending on the strategies you choose to follow as highlighted below, plan parallel activities on multiple platforms so they work together to drive higher registrations for your webinar. Ideally a well

thought out webinar should not exceed 45 mins in duration. We have seen many customers get more success with shorter duration webinars, but then you need to decide on what works for you. Click here to read my post "How data driven event marketing can grow ROI by 10X"

2. Best days to host your webinar.

Well you could host your webinar on any working day, However the best days of the week to host a webinar are Wednesdays and Thursdays. Typically you'll see more webinar attendance for webinars hosted on these days of the week. Conversely, avoid weekends (for obvious reasons) and Fridays as that's when we measure the lowest participation rate.

3. Include your upcoming webinar in company emails.

You, your employees, and your company are already sending emails every day. Either automatically via your service, or manually from your own email box.

Adding your upcoming webinars page to your signature will increase your partners and customer's awareness of these webinars and can grow your audience in the long run.

4. Run Email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing campaigns are a must to keep top of mind presence among your audience about your upcoming webinar. If you do not have a large email list or if you are creating this webinar for a different target segment, it is essential that you get a clean verified email data list of your target audience. But most of all you need to create an awesome landing page with a built in form that converts more signups and share this link across all your PPC campaigns, newsletters and social media outreach. Click here to read my post "Top 5 tips to grow your email marketing success"

5. Embed the webinar on your blog/website.

If you can, create a landing page for your upcoming webinar and embed it at strategic places on your company website, blog, or even specific articles in your blog That would be great. This way you get the attention of all your online audience who keep following your blog, articles and links to your website.

6. Embed the webinar landing page.

Directing people to your webinar landing page is great. But in specific contexts, it can be even better to just have the landing page embedded into a section on your website so that way users dont have to click away to another page to register. You could directly embed the landing page in the blog page as an iframe to drive more registrations and avoid losing people by directing them to another page. Click here to read my post "Top 5 hacks to boost your SEO"

7. Do a blog post on your webinar.

I suggest you do a series of 2 to 3 blog posts on your upcoming webinar. Depending on your blog editorial line, you'll want to either post an article that is directly promoting the webinar, or write on a topic directly linked to your upcoming webinar and add a section in it to promote the webinar. Click here to read my post "How to succeed at B2B Content Writing?"

8. Promote your webinar across social media.

No matter how obvious this one seems, we're seeing a surprisingly high number of our clients underestimating it, or simply not doing it at all. Posting the announcement as a tweet, facebook post and following it up with a few reminders can really help raise awareness on your upcoming webinar across all your social media fans. If you dont have social networks not a problem, you could use Social Signals as a service that promotes your link to the landing page across social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. This is a great way to build buzz across social networks and is google friendly and has an instant quick SEO result as well.

Click here to read my post "How to get 10X from your next Event"

9. Write a Linkedin article on your webinar.

Linkedin is definitely a platform you must not ignore, when it comes to promoting your webinar. The algorithms powering LinkedIn's feed are fairly easy to use to your advantage. With just a few likes and comments to give your post a headstart, you may be propelling its visibility by a few thousands of views getting you the much desired results.

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