Top 5 ways to promote your research reports.

Updated: Jan 22

Writing great white paper/ebook/research report is a lot like publishing a small journal or a book. A lot of people think that if they can manage to get all the substance matter together and put it up on their website people will come looking for it. Unfortunately that just does not work. Ideally it is essential that you get your white paper/ebook written by an expert in the industry or you could put together a great whitepaper, case study, customer success story based on your own inhouse research and findings. Once you start out on your whitepaper, it is essential that you also start thinking about ways to promote and market your digital content. Whatever be your whitepaper/market research report i suggest you create a few demo videos for marketing as they can get quickly get the attention of some eye balls. Lets get straight to the 5 easy ways to get your whitepaper out there to the right audience.

1. Build a landing page on your website.

Ideally a month before you publish your whitepaper you should roll out your marketing and distribution plan. The first thing to probably do is embed a contact form on your webpage where you will upload your whitepaper, research report, case study. With some basic creative art work you could announce your new digital content release coming soon. You could also include short narration from your research report to be published. You could then promote this landing page across your social media channels, email news letters to subscribers and also provide a link to your whitepaper on your homepage. With some basic simple social media and web marketing tools you could do all the heavy lifting and create awesome landing pages, Optin forms to capture lead data.

2. Publish related articles on your blog.

Most companies are still catching up with the relevance of having a blog on their website and seldom update the same. Your blog is dynamic and the engine of your website that can take your company places. Publish a few blog posts related to your topic in the whitepaper/case study 30 to 60 days before the date of release of your digital content to let your audience know of the same. You could also include excerpts from your whitepaper, case study, research report in your blog posts to build excitement among your audience. Do not forget to include links in your blog post to your landing page on your website. If you have a large email list i suggest you use an email marketing application which can automate your entire email campaign over the next few months and it is real easy to use. If you do not have a large email list Click here to read my post on how to grow your email list.

3. Share across your social media channels.

Social media is the new currency in town, banks have got ahead in the game and are now allowing customers to send money over social media as people spend more time communicating on social media today than talking or SMS.. Share your blog posts about your upcoming whitepaper across your company social media channels. Do a twitter chat, get some domain experts, social media influencers to join you on this chat. You could also consider doing a webinar/google hangout if you have a much larger audience. I definitely would not advise paid advertising on social media or google as it really does not get you the desired results. Finally there is nothing that can beat the power of a great story or content. Most of all it is important that your content reaches the right audience. Click here to learn a few strategies on B2B prospecting.

4. Syndicate your digital content. 

Very often if you dont have a big social media presence or an email list to send out newsletters to, you could choose to get in touch with industry focussed journals or publications to do a content syndication where they will publish and promote your content in print and digital to a mass target industry. This can be a slightly expensive affair. However a more cost effective solution would be to get a validated clean data list from a reputed company that is built around your target audience. This way you can be sure that your digital content and marketing efforts are reaching the right people. You can customise and run unlimited email marketing campaigns based on multiple data points for every contact.To build your custom data list Click Here

5. Reach out to expert bloggers in your industry.

This is a must for SME's that do not have a very large presence online across social media or a big spending budget. Reach out to expert bloggers/marketers in your industry and provide them a preview of your whitepaper, customer success story, ebook or research report and get them to publish a blog post about your upcoming whitepaper with links back to your website landing page. Most industry experts will be interested and may offer this service for a nominal fee. If you are looking to reach a more niche industry or sub category, or you would like your prospects to buy your digital content then i suggest you go with custom data lists as you would know who are likely to buy your content and that might be a more effective solution.

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