Top 5 tips to grow your email marketing success.

Email marketing is by far the most proven way of marketing for businesses to sell to other businesses. But the point is how do you get your email to stand out and catch the attention of your audience and B2B prospects when their inbox is flooded with so many emails everyday. I am pretty sure this problem is playing on your mind too. A recent Content Marketing Institute survey revealed 79% of B2B marketers agreed that email marketing was by far the most effective channel for distribution of content for demand generation for B2B businesses. In this article we will share with you insights on how to break the B2B email marketing clutter and best practices to create that killer email marketing campaigns.

1. Choose a catchy subject title for your email.

Most people send out email marketing campaigns with boring subject titles. This can be the number one reason for your audience and B2B prospects to skip your email. Remember to keep the title short and relevant to your audience. You can personalize your email subject title to include first name, that way you do come across as a friendly human on the other side and not just some spam email marketing campaign.

2. Introduce your business in a friendly manner.

Whatever be your purpose of email marketing remember to maintain a human element in your communication. whether you are looking to promote your products, services, events, webinars or just another article, always be helpfull to your audience by adding value through your email marketing efforts. Dont try to sell or push your products right away as many of your audience or B2B prospects may not like that. Do not forget to connect with your audience through blog posts or share an ebook or a research report that way you come across as a thought leader in your industry and your B2B prospects are more likely to respond to you.

3. Understand your audience or prospects.

Sending your audience randomn emails or mass mailing can come across as spam. Try and look at it differently. Why would you open emails that are irrelevant to you? Try and create segments of your audience based on their job titles, industry, companies or locations. Getting to know your B2B prospects better always works wonders. A recent survey revealed marketers that segment their audience based on data points have increased ROI by 500%

Yes it is time consuming and your team needs to make efforts to comb this data from social

media profiles but it is definitely worth it. Now you can send the right content to the right person be it invites to your next workshop, event, product launch, webinar or whitepaper.

If you dont have the inhouse resources you are better off getting a clean validated data list from a reliable source to work things better. At Valve Solutions we build custom data lists for you based on your target audience across industries globally. For more Click Here

4. Nurture, Influence and Engage.

The role of email marketing doesn’t end with the sale. Email is a key tool to continue your customer relationship throughout the lifecycle of a product or service. informing customers of updates or new features and providing them with advice on getting the most out of your services is also important. Through continuous email marketing campaigns you must try to nurture a supportive relationship with your audience to build credibility and trust. Try and work with 100 or 300 leads at a time, this will ensure more focus and better outcomes.This will always ensure your customer comes back and makes a repeat purchase, download or register for your products, whitepapers or events respectively.

5. Deliver value with a Human Touch.

Every business is different, and there is no one size fits all approach to email marketing that works. The one common thing across all businesses is that humans run them. Start with a plan that balances your great business benefits with an emotional element. Use all the metrics and data points at your disposal to see which content, send times and strategies are most effective. Ask your audience and B2B prospects for feedback through surveys and feedback forms. Whatever you do, don’t just fire emails out at random and hope something sticks. Email is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing toolbox. Use it wisely, and you’ll enjoy great success.

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