Top 4 tips to buy an email list.

Updated: Mar 25

Top 4 tips to buy an email list.

Buying data and email lists has become almost inevitable for every business today given the challenges we face around meeting prospects offline at their workplace or events. Any company that has a defined sale and marketing goal they are working towards know that they shouldn’t spend time manually gathering organic data and building email lists which can be rather time consuming. Data lists are empowering more and more companies with B2B prospecting, so they understand and learn more about their prospects before they can start. So with so many big and new names in the data list, email list, lead generation industry how does one choose a data list provider that meets your standards and goals. So while we at Valve Solutions are ourselves in the data list business, we thought it would be great to do a blog post on the subject matter to help companies choose the right vendor.

1 Buy verified and validated email lists only.

There are all kind of email lists and data lists providers that cater to all segments and industry.

Firstly make sure you never buy the cheap general bulk lists that are priced like $99 for 10000 contacts. Very often you will be duped and end up with a low quality email list. Very often your email id could get blocked and your campaigns can bounce back and cause a major setback. Many of these lists are randomnly scrapped from websites that are poor in quality with no source of verification. Very often they are not validated and can be outdated.

Further many bulk lists are general in nature to a broader industry and dont really serve any purpose at all.

2 Check for transparency in the contents of the data list.

At Valve Solutions we provide validated ready to purchase data lists across industries globally. We offer 100% transparency on all our data lists across industries. We provide upto 24 data fields in an excel spreadsheet with full traceability of contact particulars. Our ready data lists can purchased from our ecommerce store with instant downloads. You can see all the details of the data list before purchase viz, company names in the list, job titles, location, which data fields included (name, work email id, phone numbers, etc) In all our data lists we provide full traceability with linkedin profile url. Our data lists include anywhere between 50 to 500 contacts and are ideal for email marketers, sales and marketing as we have tailored data lists ideal for B2B prospecting. Click Here for more.

3. Choose a provider that lets you customize your email list.

Very often you may be seeking an email list or a data list for promoting your products and services, events or even hiring. However sometimes a ready data list may not meet all your criteria. So before you purchase a custom data list always check how transparent the service provider is in terms of how much control you have over your choice of data. If its a general one size fits all you are bound to be disappointed. At Valve Solutions we offer you full control over the choice of your data list. You can customize and define the job titles, industry verticals, location and even company names. our lead data plans which are ideal for email marketers and telemarketers include upto 25 data fields with validated work and personal email ids and phone numbers, Click here for more.

4. Does the vendor provide a guarantee.

Most data providers will boast of accuracy. While very few companies will actually deliver.

Check for how they source their data. Are they from old outdated databases or do they actuallly source their data in real time for every order and for the ready to download lists.

How often do they clean their lists to eliminate any outdated contacts. Do they have a data privacy policy in place. Do they offer a bounce back guarantee to replace any bounced contacts. What about pricing are they transparent or do they randomnly quote for every customer. Are there any hidden payments. Do stay away from recurring monthly billing traps as you will be billed a certain amount every month irrespective of your data needs All of this will actually help you evaluate the vendor from a quality assurance perspective.

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