Top 3 ways to grow your business with data lists.

While most of you are familiar with email lists, many confuse the same with data lists. Email lists are a numbers game and can be bought in thousands from so called B2B database companies. Data lists are more of quality and sales prospecting tool that unlock tremendous value behind each lead. With data lists every contact is a lead that would otherwise have cost you serious manhours, marketing or advertising dollars to capture.

The beauty about building a custom data lists is that you are getting a bespoke custom solution which is not sourced from a database of outdated contacts. With data lists you could build a list of your target audience sorted around Job Title, Company, Location, Industry vertical, language and a combination of any of these as well. Further most data lists will provide you social profile url of each lead. You could use data list to enhance many areas of your business as follows.

1. Promoting your products and services

Every business needs leads which are then forwarded to sales and marketing to engage, nurture and close. There are many ways to generate leads online, however it all depends on the size of your company and the marketing budget. Some of the common online channels being digital advertising, social media marketing and content marketing. However all these channels are expensive as the cost per lead can vary anywhere from $30 to $50 besides these being inbound leads they may not always be the people who want to buy you products or service.

With a custom data list you are getting down to business right away without wasting anytime. You simply look up the linkedin profile url of your lead and get a 360 degree perspective of the lead. You can now connect with them on Linkedin, forward the lead to a regional sales team, get introduced by a common connection on Linkedin, this step helps to break ice and builds trust. You can now tailor unlimited email marketing campaigns with relevant content of interest and begin the sales prospecting cycle. The key here is to work with fewer more focussed leads. For more Click Here

2. Building a database of suitable candidates

Today the biggest challenge for most Human resources and HR professionals is finding the right candidate at the right time. Given todays age and time most recruiters, hiring managers find this next to impossible even after following candidate sourcing best practices. Many have begun to realise that hiring is a continuous process and not a one time event. Therefore it becomes highly imperative to source resumes of active and passive candidates. Another big challenge most recruiters, hiring managers face is that many candidates in some sectors have more than one job offer at any given time and may not always show up after accepting an offer.

At Valve Solutions we can build a database of active and passive resumes of your desired candidate profiles in a pdf file for each candidate. These files can then be imported into your ATS or CRM and all the data gets parsed so you dont have to make any manual entries. You can then share, view or forward these resumes to your regional recruiting, hiring teams. Now you have a pipeline of candidates that you can engage with and nurture over time. This is an excellent way to get to know your candidates well ahead and build trust. The next time you have a job opening your prospect candidate already knows the company, the team and that helps them make better decisions. For more Click Here

3. Promoting your events or workshops

Depending on the nature of your business and size, events and workshops are definitely a part of your sales and marketing strategy. A lot of companies spend a lot of money on events and moving employees back and forth both national and international. However little effort or money is budgeted to ensure the quality of visitors, registrations which can make all the difference to your business or the success of your event, workshop.

With data lists as explained above in the first point, you can build a custom data list of your target audience and work your way through systematically. With events, workshops or even a product launch you need to include some event marketing experts and strategies to ensure your target audience showsup, signsup or registers. For more on this I recently did a blog post on How to get 10X from your next event. To read this post Click Here.

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