Top 3 reasons to claim your google my business page.

Updated: Mar 24

So where do you think prospects go to find that local store or restaurant? you guessed it right GOOGLE offcourse. 93% of online experiences begin with a search on google or bing. With google search being the most sought after for searching everything on the internet to local listings it becomes highly imperative that your business must have a google my business page. Close to 50% of all search on google is about local businesses. Further a google my business page is SEO friendly and a trust authority when it comes to ranking higher in google search results. Like any other social media channel a google my business page is location based and needs to be complete and upto date. This way google will show more content from your page in local search results as against somebody who doesnt have a google my business page. So lets quickly understand the top reasons why you should claim your google my busness page.

1 Build credibility and trust.

GMB allows you to share information about your business, including your address, contact information, and working hours. It also allows you to share articles, posts, updates, announcements, offers, and more. These posts show up on Google Search and Maps, enabling you to keep in touch with potential customers and keep them updated. Also if your google my business page does not have upto date information, photos, videos or any content you are less likely to list under google search. Further when a buyer lands on your google my business page he is more likely to take action when he sees your page updated complete with reviews and replies to any queries. Most of all dont forget to ensure that your posts have a Call to Action button that compels potential customers to take action such as “Call,” “Visit,” “Buy,” or “Learn more.” Click here to read my post "How to convert prospects into customers?"

2 Increase visibility and search rankings.

Top 5 search results get 75% of clicks on a goggle search query. Whenever you do a search on google if you look at the results page closely, you will find that the top 3 listings are google ads. The next 3 are local businesses that rank for focussed keywords in your search criteria, after which you will see the organic search results by google. By having a claimed and updated google my business page you will not only appear on google maps but also a chance to feature in this local 3 pack results. This way you get ahead of the rest who are fighting to rank on the first page for most researched keywords. Very often it is impossible for SMBs to rank on the first page under the organic search results unless you have a great SEO service that builds quality whitehat backlinks with indexing. However with a google my business page you are sure to stand a chance in the local 3 pack for local businesses. Click Here to request a FREE report on your google my business page. We will run a software to find out all that needs to be fixed so that you can appear under the local 3 pack. Dont have a google my business page Click Here we will be more than happy to setup one for you.

3 Increase inbound traffic to your website.

While many small medium businesses have been struggling with getting fixes to list in the online world but many havent still figured out the potential of SEO and long tailed keywords that they should use to rank higher in google search results. Having a Google My Business listing can help you increase your inbound traffic and sales. According to Google, having a Google My Business page can help your business get 70% more local visits from users searching within your locality or neighbourhood. The multiple verification steps that every business must complete before appearing in local searches create trust among customers, and hence, you’re likely to see a significant increase in inbound traffic to your website. Having appeared in local searches, now your website needs to be fully optimized to cash the opportunity. If your site does not load quickly, is old and outdated and does not have SEO capabilities inbuilt you will lose out on all that juice coming to your website resulting in poor sales. Click Here to get a FREE report on what needs to be fixed on your website to make sure you are fully optimized when the tide comes your way. Click Here to read my post "Top 5 hacks to boost your SEO"

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