Top 3 B2B leadgeneration tips working from home.

With the disruption across businesses this year due to Covid, The biggest challenge for every sales and marketing team working from home is how do we acquire qualified leads? Given that meeting prospects at events or at their office or yours is a challenge for some time to come, leveraging digital platforms is going to be key going ahead in 2020 for businesses to generate qualified B2B leads. The noise around digital marketing, digital advertising even digital manufacturing is getting louder. More and more companies are looking to get on this bandwagon of digital innovation fearing how rapidly everything around them is changing. The transformation of the business landscape is shaking the very foundation on which many of these companies were built.

However the key to surviving this digital transformation is to be open to change and innovate more rapidly. The key to B2B leadgeneration online starts with a great B2B Content marketing strategy. The 3 key elements of an effective B2B Content Marketing strategy are having a Content Marketing plan, Creating Content that your audience loves and Content Distribution across the right channels. The secret to an effective content marketing strategy starts with creating great content. So let me quickly explain to you some proven tricks and tips to get started.

1 Define your content marketing plan.

Just like anything else in business, being consistent day in and day out helps build that robust content marketing foundation. Make sure you get a team of passionate people who understand your long term goals and vision and what you intend to achieve out of this strategy. Draw out a content marketing plan on how many blog posts, videos or slideshare content you plan to roll out each quarter. Since i believe content marketing is a long term strategy i suggest you review how your plan is working out at the end of every quarter.  An effective B2B content marketing strategy also needs to chalk out content techniques for different content formats and the respective content triggers or call to action.

2 Creating content that your audience loves.

Great content is only as enjoyable. Once you have defined your objectives and goals, you then need to understand who your audience is and what matters most to them. I believe in quality more than quantity. It is better to create fewer pieces of great content that your audience loves than bombarding them with a lot of content. While most companies ask marketers what will make our content go viral? SEO can add some serious traffic in addition to your content marketing. Finally since B2B content marketing is a long term strategy, if you focus on what delights your audience you are pretty much on the right track. I recently did a post on how to create great content around your events, online training, workshops and driving registrations.

3 Content distribution channels.

Creating great content is one thing and distribution across the right social media channels and third party networks, digital advertising etc is another part of the journey. A lot of companies just upload content to their website or their social media channels with little or no relevant audience and then expect results to start showing right away. Your website is static, instead of waiting for your audience to find you adopt an agressive social media marketing strategy.  Make your employees your brand advocates and ask them to regularly engage with your social media posts and share among their friends and colleagues. However if you are small business owner that cannot wait for 12 to 18 months to build your brand and are looking for quick leads, we suggest email marketing as a quick results content distribution channel. Send out mass emails to your contacts with links to your articles and videos regularly. However if you dont have an email list and need a custom data list or email list we at Valve Solutions can build clean validated email as well as phone data lists across industries globally. Click Here for more.

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