How to succeed at B2B prospecting with data lists?

B2B sales prospecting is the act of looking for potential buyers, customers, or clients to convert into new business. The ultimate goal is to nurture your prospects through the sales funnel until they eventually make a purchase. While the concept is simple, effective B2B sales prospecting is difficult to execute not to mention the hours and resources you have to spend combing through hudreds of profiles on Linkedin. In fact, research shows that 50% of sale’s time is wasted on unproductive prospecting. Think about it, how much more selling you could do, if only you could get your hands on a clean validated data list. Most of all make sure you get your data list from a reputed company and yes like all things if you buy a cheap list you will be disappointed. So lets quickly get cracking.

1. Why Data lists?

Most businesses that spend large sums of money on online marketing end up with only capturing subscribers email ids. Many times you dont know if they are just students researching a topic or a prospective buyer. Also the amount of time and money one has to spend on content creation, marketing, advertising. Personally i definitely think there is very little you can do with just an email id. With data lists you can unlock and actually get to see multiple data points behind every email id. This way you can actually build a custom data list of your target audience or prospects and go after them. Click Here to learn more. It definitely makes more sense considering the amount of resources being deployed towards sales and marketing. Now based on the all the data you have available you can make better informed decisions.

2. Get a 360 degree perspective.

As you can see in the above sample data list we now know the first and the last name behind the email id. You also know the job title, company name and location of your prospect. With a click on the Linkedin profile url column of the data list you can quickly view the complete background of your prospect. Get to know their work history, domain expertise. This will help you identify how interested they are likely to be in your products or services. Linkedin will show you any common connections who can introduce you or somebody you know that works there. This can help break ice and you can connect with your prospect. Need a data

list? Click here

3. Size up the deal potential.

Now that you already know so much about your prospect and whether he/she is a senior or junior person. Further based on location you can forward the lead to a regional sales team. Who should pitch the sale. Get to know the company details of your prospect. How long the company has been operational this will help in making better financial decisions while closing a sale. How big is the company, employee strength, where are they headquartered? Further you can view the linkedin company profile and see all the latest updates, announcements on new projects or capacity expansions. All this will help you size up the deal potential with your prospect and help you build an effective sales strategy.You can now send the right content to the right person and improve outcomes and ROI on your sales and marketing efforts. Run unlimited email marketing campaigns based on multiple data points. Check out this video to learn more

4. Use cases of Data Lists.

Data lists can be used for promoting your products or services, Hiring or Event marketing. Whatever be your purpose data lists can unlock valuable insights into your prospects and help you understand the best sales or marketing strategy to adopt. Most of all you can save over 50% of your time propspecting if you get a data list from a trusted source. This will free up significant time and resources and your sales team will have a steady pipeline of leads to go after day in day out. At Valve Solutions we can build custom data lists as per your requirement for any of the above use cases. We unlock upto 34 different data fields for every contact. Just define the job title, location and industry verticals and our data experts will be able to provide you a clean validated data list. For more Click Here

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