How to succeed at B2B Content Writing?

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

"If you wait for inspiration to write you are not a writer but a waiter" said Dan Poynter. How can you not be writing if your running a business in todays digital age. People spend more time browsing through content on their smartphones or checking their social network feeds for latest updates. Any time you're writing content, whether it's for your own site or for a guest post on another blog, you want to produce the best quality content you can. Since i help B2B companies with their content writing i always get asked how can we make technical writing about our business viz; blog posts, whitepaper, case studies appeal to our  readers.

Ideally your audience is already researching about your products and services online so its not about boring or exciting. What matters is are you offering something of value to your readers in terms of how your products or services can solve a problem. If you create high quality content that offers value to your readers your articles are guaranteed to get the attention of your audience even though your competitors have been around for years and have more credibility. Your website will never be found if you dont have a blog linked to it that publishes content frequently. Your website is static, Your blog gives it wings. I have highlighted a few key strategies below to get you started on Content writing right away.

1. Provide clear value to your target audience.

Your audience is made up of real people who have real needs and goals, and who are busy professionals. Before you can communicate effectively to them, you need to understand  who are  your readers, so you can tailor your content to help them solve their problems. Why should they click through to read more? You can’t answer that if you haven’t done the research to answer that question clearly and honestly. Make sure your Content writing answers the question “What’s in it for me?” from the reader’s perspective. What benefits will readers get from reading your content? Provide a tangible benefit tailored to your most valuable potential readers.

2. Build a conversation directly with your audience.

One simple way to connect with readers is to write in the second person using words like “you” and “your.” It’s a simple technique that immediately makes your writing more accessible. Think about it, are you interested in how businesses can improve their conversion rates, or how you can improve your conversion rate? Making it personal gets potential readers invested in your message right from the start. Always ask yourself if your post feels personally compelling enough that it would get you to click even if you didn’t already know how great your article was. At Valve Solutions we can offer you great Content Writing services. For more Click Here

3. Build curiosity.

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it can breathe real life into an article, blog post, case study. Asking a question is one easy way to arouse readers curiosity and get them thinking about how much they have to learn about a topic. But before you adopt this technique, ensure your article answers the question in detail. Finally the content that gets the most attention are stories, audience love stories about your business.

4. Use simple language and write in the present.

 Using clear, simple language is the best way to catch the attention of followers long enough to encourage them to click through to read more. Also it helps if you are adressing a global audience that may not always understand complex english language. Never use a three-syllable word (like “utilize”) when a one-syllable word (“use”) will do. Always use active (rather than passive) sentences to keep your sentence structure simple and easy to understand.

5. Include a call to action.

It’s an easy thing to overlook, but if you want potential readers to click through to your content, it’s a good idea to actually ask them to click through to your content. It is essential that every link that you include offers some value to the reader when they click through. Also dont forget to link to other usefull relevant articles or blog posts as this will also keep your audience engaged. Finally an effective call to action will only lead them to the next stage which is to fill out an enquiry form, download a whitepaper or register for your event/webinar.

6. Include images, videos, slideshare presentations.

Its good to write a great article or blog post but dont forget to include graphics, images, infographics as they can add more value to what you have to say. Besides linking youtube videos and relevant slideshare presentations can also make your content more indepth and you could also get more traffic from these social networks. Also google likes articles, posts that include other types of content and are more search friendly. Further it also improves the shareability of your content, as your audience may want to share a youtube video or slideshare presentation or a graphic image from your post and that will all link back to your blog post increasing more organic traffic to your blog/website. If you did enjoy reading this post then drop us a comment below or even share this post on your social networks.

7. Run multiple custom email marketing campaigns.

How do you actually get the industry leaders to be at your events? Lets assume you are a SME participating in a tradeshow overseas, you need to reach out to more than just the regular audience that know you. Well we at Valve Solutions can build a custom list of leads for you. All you have to do is define the {Job Title} + {Location} or {Companies} and our data experts will build a custom list of leads data complete with Linkedin profile url. So now you get to know your target audience before reaching out to them. You could get introduced and connect over linkedin. You could run unlimited custom email campaigns based on multiple data points viz; companies, location, decision makers. Send them offers, invites relevant coupons and most of all keep them updated about your product launch, workshop, training program which will be of much interest to them. For more Click Here

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