How to improve follow up email response by 10X

OK so you are a small business owner with limited resources and people. You read about email marketing everywhere and see so many companies succeed and grow and you are wondering how to replicate that email marketing success for your business. Well read on this blog post is for you. I will highlight below steps you can take to grow your small business email marketing campaigns successfully.

1 Get the basics right.

So you are regularly sending out emails to your prospects and customers and struggling with how many open your emails and how few barely reply. Sometimes you wonder if your prospects or customers are even reading your emails. Worry not more than 90% Small businesses suffer from the same problem and we can help you quickly fix that. Most of all be committed to send follow up emails after the opening email. Dont sit back after sending a few follow up emails and make wrong conclusions that email marketing is not working for us.

2. Use a company domain email id.

Firstly make sure you are using a company domain email id and not just a general or Always use your personal name while sending out emails instead of the company name. A leading B2B email marketing report suggested that 89% of small business owners send out emails as company names instead of personal names. Using a personal name while sending out your emails creates a human connection between you and your B2B prospects. It also helps the customer identify you with company and what you have to say.

3. Clean your email list.

Well most small business owners get this one wrong most times. It is very important that you clean your email lists regularly and delete the old invalid email ids. Following this practice will improve the deliverability of your emails and your emails will actually end up in the Inbox of your B2B prospects or customers. If you fail to do this very often after a while your emails will end up in the spam box and you will be wondering why all those follow up emails never got any responses. If you dont have a large email list Click Here to learn how to build your email marketing list quickly.

4. Subject title is everything.

Well if you havent bothered about this you must. Your subject line will have the biggest impact on your email marketing campaign and is what gets your prospect to click "open". It needs to catch the reader’s attention and should be relevant to your customer to describe what the reader can expect when reading the entire email. Emails with long confusing subject titles never get opened as your customer has a pile of emails waiting for him. A leading email marketing report suggested that including emojis at the end of subject titles have a much higher open rate :) but again subject title is everything.

5 State your point clearly.

Remember most of your B2B prospects or customers are busy people and recieve over a 100 emails every day. So make sure your email is short and to the point. Dont write elaborate emails and expect your prospects to reply. If you have more detailed content, try and add links to your website where your prospects can quickly browse and get an idea of what you are trying to sell them. Very often readers drop off half way through lengthy boring emails. This is one of the biggest reasons why most small business owners have a very poor email response rate.

6. Dont forget Follow up emails.

Just because a B2B prospect or customer did not respond at the first instance does not mean he or she is not interested in your offering. More than 80% of small business owners i have worked with have failed miserably at follow up emails. Without a series of follow up emails your email marketing campaign is bound to fail. An email marketing report suggested that the 6th follow up email is likely to have the highest impact on your prospect or customer. So make sure you send follow up emails without fail.

7. Crafting Follow up emails.

Writing great opening emails is important, but crafting even better follow up emails is an art that small business owners must master. I will shortly do another blog post to address this topic, so do follow our blog closely. It is important to introduce, engage, influence and capture the interest of your B2B prospects through a series of follow up emails. A leading email marketing report suggested that Its best to send follow up emails on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at preferably 2.00pm for best results.

Hope the above seven points will help you turn around your small business email marketing success and drastically improve email open rates and email response rates. If you found this post usefull please be so kind to share the same with your social networks. Good Luck!!!

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