How to get 10X from your next Event.

If your business exhibits at trade shows, conducts workshops and events, you have a great opportunity to get new content ideas as well as detailed interviews from the attendees and influencers you interact with during the event for your event marketing. In this post, we will share four techniques that you can use to create amazing content, videos and blog posts for your event marketing strategy. The basics of content marketing are fairly simple publish great content that solves your audience’s most common problems, informs them of the latest developments in your industry or teaches them something new and helpful. Coming up with the strategy is often straightforward and simple. Coming up with the content, on the other hand, can be tougher.To learn more about our B2B Content Writing services [Click Here]

Engage with your audience to understand their challenges.

Use your next workshop, event, trade show as an opportunity to learn more about your audience’s top pain points by interviewing people who visit your booth. Ask them what challenges they currently face, what they’re struggling with and what they want to improve. Prospects are eager to answer questions at trade shows, conferences, unlike online. Once you understand your target audience’s pain points, you’ll have a deeper level of understanding about what they want to read, listen to and watch. Build your content marketing strategy with each blog post around a different pain point and you’ll command their attention online.

Network with Influencers in your industry and Content Marketers.

At a conference, trade show, it takes only a few minutes of conversation to get to know someone within your niche or industry and discuss how you can work together at promoting content. Reach out to other marketers and entrepreneurs at your next event, trade show and build a list of influencers. It only takes a few retweets and status updates to give your next blog post some decent visibility, however if you would like to reach a much wider audience, build credibility and trust for your products and services you are better off approaching the right marketers. To learn more about our B2B Content Marketing services [Click Here]

Get to know the industry relevant blogs and websites your customers read.

Knowing what your customers struggle with will help you discover new topics and trends to write about. Knowing what your customers like to read will show you exactly where you should be promoting your content in the future. Over the last year, many technology companies have discovered that the “biggest” blogs and aggregators places like TechCrunch and Hacker News aren’t quite as valuable as they thought. They send lots of traffic, but rarely is it qualified. Smaller blogs and communities, on the other hand, are often highly responsive to good content. While they don’t send as much traffic as the big names, the traffic is highly qualified, focused and genuinely interested in learning more. This exercise will help you discover where your customers hang out online and the topics they like to read about.

Do a giveaway promotion for your next product launch.

Everybody loves a gift or a voucher when they visit your stall or event. However to make the most of your product launch or Demo you need the right people to visit your stall or workshop. Its best to start a few months early to build a list of prospects you want to invite to your promotion. If you are exhibiting in a foreign country it becomes highly imperative that you buy a data list of prospects who might be interested in your services. Most data lists will provide you with complete contact details including linkedin profile url. Now you can approach them and get to know them on Linkedin. Run email marketing campaigns tailored around multiple data points to educate them about your products and services. Once you have them interested in your services you could send them invites to your event, workshops and offer them a guaranteed gift when they visit your event. For more on how to get a genuine accurate data list [Click Here]

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