How to find email ids of prospects?

Updated: Jan 22

The number one go to social media platform for B2B prospecting is Linkedin. It has millions of profiles of professionals from all industries across the world which is what makes it the most sort after. To put it more aptly, If you dont have a profile on linkedin you do not exist. Sales professionals, marketers and recruiters all use Linkedin as a source for generating leads, identifying prospects and candidates. Today most HR and hiring managers look at linkedin profiles as a real time resume as it has just about everything about you upto date. Further by just going over your linkedin profile sales professionals and recruiters can get an idea about your persona and background which one cannot asses from your traditional resumes.

1 Get email ids of target profiles on Linkedin.

Before you can find the email id of any contact on Linkedin you first need to do a search of profiles that meet your target audience. If you open your linkedin account and go to the search box, you will see the option to select people, groups, companies...etc. Select people and you could narrow down your search further across industries, locations, keywords etc.

Once you come up with a list of linkedin profiles, send out requests to connect with them. Please note you may not be able to send connect requests to premium members. To connect with memebers with premium profile you will have to get a paid subscription from linkedin, called sales navigator which costs $89/month and offers you many tools to sort and filter your prospects as per your requirement.

However in either case you will only be able to view email ids once a prospect accepts your invitation to connect. The only downside of this process is you will have to spend several hours combing through many linkedin profiles and acceptance rate of new contacts is very low. On an average if you send out 100 requests to connect you may end up with only 5 or 10 new contacts. Although linkedin profiles exist, those prospects may not be actively using linkedin and so may not respond. Another down side with this process could be the email ids that you find of prospects that connect with you could be old and outdated and linkedin does not validate the same.

2 Purchase validated email ids, data lists.

There are many players in the buy email list or data list space, but a word of caution when you go about shopping for one. If you are not familiar with the same, Click here to read my earlier post "Top 4 Tips to buy an email list". At Valve Solutions our data experts can build a custom data list for you based on the {Job title}, {Location} {Industry} you wish to target. You could get a leads list complete with 18 to 34 validated data fields viz; first name, last name, validated email ids, phone numbers, company name, Linkedin profile url , location and many more. All our data lists have verified and validated email ids and phone numbers that are tested for bounce.

Email marketing just with the email id is dumb stupid, but data driven custom email marketing campaigns will set you up for success right away. Getting a 360 degree perspective of your leads, almost knowing everything about them. Decide what content to send, who should pitch the sale based on seniority of your prospects. Forward the lead contact to your regional sales team based on location data. Get to know all about the target company from updates on new projects and announcements from the prospects Company linkedin page, size up the deal. Send them product brochures, custom offers, invites to relevant events ensuring a higher response and success rate. Click Here to know more about our custom data list solutions.

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