How to convert prospects into customers?

B2B prospecting in the new buzz word and everybody is trying to figure out ways to get B2B prospecting to work for them. Given this difficult business environment due to Covid, companies globally are unable meet their target sales and marketing goals. So how do you make B2B prospecting work for your business when meeting new prospects offline and at events locally and globally are a challenge. If you are looking at ways to generate leads Click here to read my earlier blog post on how to generate leads online while working from your home.

However let me assume that you now have prospects interested in your business, events, products or services. So lets quickly get to the job at hand on how best to convert your prospects into customers. Kindly find below a few usefull tips on the same.

1. Set a prospect deadline.

We all are familiar with prospects that express interest and then dont respond. Well never assume a prospect is not interested if they do not reply immediately, its probably just that it may not be a top priority for them at this moment. However ideally include them in your email marketing list and send them email news letters regularly. Every now and them send an email stating you havent heard from them in a while. However if after 30 or 60 days as best decided by you if you do not hear back its best to send in an email stating since you havent heard back from them you will not be emailing them any further and that they could always reach you back if interested. This will also get them to act if they are procastrinating, and will relieve you of following a prospect that has gone cold. If you need help with email marketing tips, Click here to read my earlier blog post on Top 5 tips to grow your email marketing success.

2. Ask few questions?

Keep sending email marketing news letters to your prospects. However getting your prospects to convert into customers can take a while sometimes. Dont forget to send a few emails asking questions if they had a look at the brochures, attachments, proposals you have sent them. Ask them if they have visited your website for product updates and more information. This will get them to look at what you have been sending them, if they havent had a look at it just yet. However dont forget to ask them if they had made a decision after a few emails or even seek an appointment to speak with them over the phone to discuss further. B2B prospecting can include many stages from start to closing the sale. Click here to read my post on 6 B2B sales prospecting strategies to grow your business.

3. Setup FAQs on your website.

While many propsects will open your emails and click through to links to your website some time over the period of your email news letters. The key is to have your website upto date with all the information with regards to whatever your trying to sell them. One key strategy is to setup an FAQ section or frequently asked questions. Sit down with your sales and marketing team and define a list of most frequently asked questions by your prospects and make short answers to them. This will help your prospects get to the bottom of whatever you are trying to sell them. Besides prospects can quickly become disinterested if they dont find quick answers to their questions.

4. Offer discounts or gift coupons.

Who doesnt like gifts for FREE. Well depending on your budget you could decide who to offer these gifts to based on your own assesment of your prospects. Even a discount coupon can get your prospects to convert into a quick sale if they are sitting on it for a while undecided. Many times prospects could be evaluating your competitors as well and comparing offers so offering discounts and coupons can quickly drive attention to your products or services and help in closing that much needed sale. Good Luck!!!

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