How to build a resume database in excel.

Updated: Oct 2

Building a database of resumes is the most effective way to have access to a ready talent pool of candidates. Most recruiters and hiring managers will tell you how difficult hiring has been in certain industry segments where skillsets are a shortage. Many a time candidates are sought after by multiple head hunters and have more than one offer at hand. Candidates doing a no show on the date of joining is quite common these days which can be a nightmare for HR managers and recruiters. I recently did an article on the same, Click here to read. Building a database of resumes is a reliable way of storing information, and can always be useful in crunch situations. Moreover it's also easily searchable, which can make it ideal for storing information about job applicants and their resumes. You could quickly sort, match and shortlist candidates even at short notice.

1. Manually convert PDF and word files to excel format.

Building a database of resumes can be a time consuming affair at first, especially if you're accepting resumes as PDF files and Word documents. Now you will have to engage another team to convert them and import the information into your database system such as Excel. However if you start accepting resumes using web forms on your website you could store all that data directly in your database. Further applicants will be entering their information into the database for you and you wont need any additional support to convert into excel format. To quickly learn the benefits of having a data list of resumes, Click here to read my blog post.

There are countless options for building an online resume database. With these solutions, job applicants enter their information in an online form and each entry is placed in a database that you can access and search through to find the best applicants.

2. Use Microsoft Office to import and convert files to excel format.

If you're familiar with Excel, you may already know that it can also be used as a database if you link two tables together: a master table and one or more details tables. Also known as slave tables, the details tables are linked to the master table. There are several ways to create a database based on resumes you already have in Word or another document format. One of the less labor-intensive ways to use Excel is to put all of your resumes in a folder and convert each to TXT format. You can then import each one into an Excel spreadsheet using the Text/CSV import option under Excel's Data tab. Click Here to view sample files. Copy the cell containing the applicant's name, as well as any other important information like contact information, education and current position, and then paste it as a link to the appropriate cell in the master spreadsheet. You can also paste a link to the original resume document by right-clicking a cell in the master sheet, selecting Link, then Existing File or Web Page and then selecting the resume file. For more Click Here

3. Source Candidate resumes as an excel file.

This by far is the most effective strategy to adopt going forward. Using candidate sourcing best practices today you could source candidate resumes as an excel file. I recently did a blog post on 7 best practices to sourcing candidate resumes, Click here to download resume data lists. At Valve Solutions we can provide you resumes globally extracted from Linkedin, Indeed, Monster and several other online platforms based on your requirement. We extract, filter and validate all data fields and provide you the same in an excel file with upto 34 data fields which include the first & last name, job title, headline, company, company url, personal and company linkedin profile url, work and personal email ids and phone numbers, personal skills, current and previous companies worked at, educational qualifications, location etc. You could now import hundreds of resumes as an excel file into your CRM/ATS and all the data gets parsed, no need for manual entry. Now you could share this database of resumes with all your teams. Quickly sort, search data columns and match your project requirements in minutes and build a shortlist of candidates that match your requirement. Thus saving you time and money going over a pile of irrelevant resumes. And should a candidate back out in the last minute you will always have the next candidate ready. For more Click Here

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