How data driven event marketing can grow ROI by 10X.

For many B2B companies exhibiting at the industry level global tradeshow events are a must. Making your presence felt at the marketplace has become more important in todays competitive world. But a lot of companies have started questioning falling ROI and quality of footfalls at their stalls. While tradeshow event organizers care little for exhibitors its is upto exhibitors to figure out how they can turn things around.

While many exhibitors believe that if they exhibit at an event, all the audience they are looking for will come rushing in. Unfortunately that just doesnt work, and you have to have an event marketing budget in addition to the cost of the event. Even the best producers and directors of blockbuster movies spend a fortune on pre-marketing and promotion of their upcoming movies. So as a Company exhibitor, Event marketer how do you get your target audience to show up for your next event. To answer this question i have highlighted a few points below.

1. Get an Event marketing budget approved.

Depending on your company budget the first thing you need to do before you embark on exhibiting at that next tradeshow event is to consider an additional marketing budget to promote your participation in the event. You could follow your traditional corporate marketing practices that have been in place, but considering todays digital age one can leverage the power of digital media for a fraction of the exhibition cost which many companies ignore and so do tradeshow event organizers. You cant expect to still get people to come to your show by sending them a fax when they are armed with a smartphone.

2. Use your Company social media channels.

While a lot of companies are aware of this channel of marketing, many have declared it does not work for their business because either they dont have the audience on their social media channels, poor inhouse talent or just too late to the social media party. While for all those who have a sizeable audience across your social media channels and have been able to leverage the power of social media please plan your content marketing strategy with a calendar in place and start atleast 3 to 6 months in advance. To further boost your campaign you could even ask your employees to become advocates and like, share, join the discussions as this gets the word around your peers and like minded audience. Those with little or no social media presence should get in touch wit industry specific marketers.

3. Get your Content marketing strategy in place.

Depending on your companies budget you could do a combination of text (articles, blogposts, whitepaper) and visual content (youtube videos, slideshare presentations). One of the best ways to get a lot of relevant audience is to do a demo product launch at your stall and build all your content around that. Next upload a preview blog post of the new product, or do a short snippet trailer video to build excitement around your product launch. Most of all if you do not have inhouse talent it is best to get industry experts to create great content for you. At Valve Solutions we can create great articles, blogposts, case studies for your products and services. For more Click Here

4. Data driven custom email marketing campaigns

How do you actually get the industry leaders to be at your events? Lets assume you are a SME participating in a tradeshow overseas, you need to reach out to more than just the regular audience that know you. Well we at Valve Solutions can build a custom data list of your B2B prospects. All you have to do is define the {Job Title} + {Location} or {Industry/Companies} and our data experts will do the B2B prospecting to build a data list of leads complete with 13 data fields. So now you get to know your target audience before reaching out to them. You could get introduced and connect over linkedin. You could run unlimited custom email campaigns based on multiple data points viz; companies, location, decision makers, projects. Send them offers, invites relevant coupons and most of all keep them updated about your product launch, workshop, training program which will be of much interest to them. Click Here to read more

5. Capture leads through an Opt-in form.

Send out an announcement once every month with a link to your product launch demo video or whitepaper, articles, slideshare presentations and most important get your visitors to sign up an Opt-in email form to capture their details. Further you must start your event marketing atleast 3 to 6 months in advance depending on the magnitude of the event. However this form of email marketing is now more or less redundant. Unless you can establish a connection on social media and start interacting with your prospects at some level, it is very unlikely that they will register, show up or visit your stall at the next event. I highly reccommend you opt for option number 4. above, Data driven custom email marketing campaigns.

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