How custom leads can boost your email marketing success?

Well as an active practitioner of B2B Content Marketing i would be lying if i told you organic content marketing had a great future. No matter who tells you what, the only way to succeed at content marketing is run paid campaigns across your target social media channels. Let me tell you organic reach on social media channels is history. Gone are the days where you could create great content and share on social media channels and expect to drive tons of traffc to your website.Well unless you are in the B2C segment and giving away goodies for half the price there is not much juice in the organic ways to succeed at B2B Content marketing.

Many B2B companies are very late to the social media party and have aggressively taken to sharing images more than anything on  social media channels especially on Linkedin and are hoping that likes will instantly convert into sales. Let me tell you right away dont be fooled by the likes your B2B images are getting.  It will only boost your ego and attract the envy of your competitors more than anything else. For B2B i strictly suggest that companies create more content about their products and services and customer success stories than just sharing images. Further Content marketing is a long term strategy that needs a continuous feed of content to help create awareness, build interest in your products and services. It cannot be seen as a short term strategy to build leads.

However if you still want to succeed at B2B Content marketing  you could still pay to promote and sponsor your content which is what social media channels want you to do, but its way to expensive to reach your audience or capture leads. It could cost anywhere upwards of $15 to $30 per lead depends on what social network you use. While most Content marketers are going to tell you to keep at it and will not tell you the truth that B2B Content marketing is getting way to expensive for leadgeneration purposes. Further the cost of producing high quality content has continue to rise. 

Talking about ideas for 2020. Let me tell you with some authority, email marketing is back but with a social media element. You are better of getting data experts to build a custom leads list based on the {Job title}, {Location} {Industry} or {Companies} you wish to target. You could get a leads list complete with 18 to 34 data fields at Valve Solutions viz; First name, last name, validated email ids, phone numbers, company name, Linkedin profile url and many more. Email marketing just with the email id is dumb stupid, but data driven custom email marketing campaigns will set you up for success right away. Getting a 360 degree perspective of your leads, almost knowing them. Get all the company updates on new projects and announcements from the Company linkedin page, size up the deal. Most of all you could connect with them on Linkedin and get to know them better. Send them product brochures, custom offers, invites to relevant events ensuring a higher response and success rate. For more on getting a custom leads list Click Here

Lets assume your a recruiter and you have to sift through hundreds of resumes manually, that could be a daunting task indeed. At Valve Solutions our data experts can do all the heavy lifting for you and even offer you resumes of your target candidates as excel files. imagine how much more you can do, quickly sort, match skills and your ready to hire! Further working with digital files is easy and forwarding it to your clients, sharing it with a group of HR folks. Most of all you could import all the excel files into your CRM/ATS and all the data would get parsed instantly. WIth a click on the linkedin profile URL you can know more about each candidate. Getting to know his hobbies and interests will help you break ice over coffee or that new steak joint that your candidate would love. Well whatever you are looking to do. Whether you need a leads/data list to Hire, promote your next event or promote your products and services. We at Valve Solutions can build custom leads list across any industry, business vertical or geography. For more Click Here

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