7 steps to overcome the biggest challenges while hiring?

Updated: Mar 16

1. Getting attention of the right candidates.

As a recruiter if you’ve ever tried hiring the right candidate in a pool full of unqualified talent, you’ll know that your options are limited. Candidate sourcing best practices will tell you to choose the best person you can find from that pool at the time not the best fit for the job. While it’s not always about the number of candidates who apply. The best way to hire the right people is often from a smaller pool of more qualified talent which many a time you have to go looking for.

2. Connecting with qualified candidates

Good candidates are often contacted regularly by recruiters, making it harder for your own email to stand out. In addition, candidates with hard-to-find skills are often considering several job offers at the same time. You need to put extra effort into pursuing candidates by

befriending them on Linkedin and getting to know them better. This way they are more likely to respond to your email and choose your company over your competitors. To know more on how to succeed in recruiting using a pre qualified data list Click Here.

3. Hiring fast

Hiring teams want to hire as fast as possible, because vacant positions cost money and delay operations. Candidate sourcing best practices suggest hiring can take several months putting pressure on recruiters and frustrating hiring teams. Taking a long time to hire may be a combintion of several factors including a shortage of qualified candidates. The hiring process may be too long or hiring teams might struggle to reach a consensus, resulting in the best candidates finding jobs elsewhere. I recently did a blog post on how to build a resume database in excel. Click here to read this post.

4. Using data-driven recruitment

Companies can use data to analyse and constantly improve their recruiting process and make more informed decisions. But collecting and processing data can be a hassle. Spreadsheets are one way to track hiring data but they require manual work, are prone to human error and they cost a lot of time and money. This makes it hard to track data and trends accurately. Hiring teams need ways to compile and organize data in an efficient and streamlined way. At Valve Solutions we can build a database of resumes as a ready to import excel file with 25+ data fileds. You can now sort and match skills and open target linkedin profiles with a click. Just have to define a simple search criteria {Job Title} + {Location} and {Company/Industry/Skill} and our data experts will do the rest. All data is accurate and verified using software. For more Click Here

5. Ensuring a good candidate experience

Candidate isn’t only important for employer branding, but it’s also a factor when your best candidates are evaluating your job offers. The way you treat candidates during the hiring process mirrors the way you’ll treat them after hiring. If they had a bad experience, they’re less likely to accept. Conversely, positive candidate experiences can enhance your employer brand and encourage good candidates to apply and accept your job offers.

6. Creating an efficient recruiting process

Hiring teams need to communicate fast, evaluate candidates easily and know what’s going on every step of the way. Recruiters are tasked with coordinating all this communication and it’s not always a breeze. Especially if recruiters relationship with hiring manager is strained. Also, administrative tasks like scheduling interviews often take away valuable time that recruiters could have used in coordinating the hiring process and ensuring good candidate experience.

7. Build a talent pool

Talent pipelines are groups of candidates you’ve already engaged who can fill future positions in your company. This can help you reduce time to hire and recruiting costs. building a database of predefined resumes and connecting and engaging with your candidates on a regular basis will keep you in top of mind presence. So the next time they are looking for an opportunity you will be the first on their list. No matter who says what screening and shortlisting candidates for hiring is a continuous process and hiring managers truly know the advantages of this strategy. To build a databse of custom resumes Click Here

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