Top 5 hacks to boost your SEO.

Updated: Mar 24

Buyers are spending significantly more time online than ever before researching your products and services. Over 75% of B2B buyers have researched your company before they get in touch with your sales team. This makes serious case for getting their attention online.

Many companies have taken to the digital marketing much earlier and have made significant headway and achieved success. However the numbers that have failed are much higher. At Valve Solutions our end to end Digital marketing solutions can ensure your business achieves the much needed traction on the digital highway without burning a hole in your pocket.

1.Boost your SEO in a jiffy with Social Signals.

 Thats right! we have been around for 10 years and it has taken us tons of effort and money to reach, engage, nurture and build relationships across social media using organic methods. Gone are the days where you could get free traffic from social networks once you lay out a social media marketing plan. Unless you spend hundreds of dollars on PPC campaigns and Ads you are unlikely to build a large following across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin or Pinterest. So why build your networks in the first place when you can use Social Signals to boost your web links, youtube videos on third party social networks with credibility and drive high quality traffic and build quality backlinks across social networks that are google friendly all for a small fee.

2. Is your website optimisation SEO friendly?

Top 5 search results get 75% of clicks on a search query. Thats right! just think about it. Search engine marketing is here to rule, Buyers search for keywords that matter to them and all those pages that rank high for those keywords show up on the first page and they take 75% of all the clicks or traffic to their website or business. So firstly is your website upto date or is it old and out dated. Secondly you need to have a blog attached to your website and get a basic SEO package in place that gets your website and pages backlinks to other pages with high domain authority and page authority. Google algorithms recognise these pages as genuine and give them a higher priority in search engine results and ranking. Click here to get a free website optimisation report. We will tell you everything that needs to be fixed on your website.

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 3. Do your keywords have buyers search intent?

Many marketers and bloggers create plenty of blog posts around randomn topics and dont get any traffic and then claim this is not working for them. 93% of online experiences begin with a search on google or other search engines. So the key is to identify focus keywords that address your topic and audience that have a higher search intent or buyer intent. a professional keyword research service will actually give you a list of 100 or 200 keywords around a topic of your choice which have low keyword difficulty and high search volume. This combination is very important. If your article has keywords with high keyword difficulty you will not even make it in the first 10 pages of google. On the other hand if your blog posts are using keywords which you believe are focussed but dont have a higher search volume again you dont make it. Click here to request for a FREE SEO audit report of your website, we will tell you all that needs to be fixed.

4. Does your landing page have a call to action? 

Ok so lets assume your website optimisation is upto speed and you have some SEO service in place that you use from time to time. Let me tell you SEO is a continuous process that needs to be worked on from time to time. So you have a blog with some usefull articles and are gettting traffic to your website, but your visitors are not taking the action you desire. Maybe you want them to subscribe, buy an ebook, download a pdf file etc. So the biggest problem with conversions is most marketers send traffic from their blog posts to their website which has a lot of content. Most visitors who clicked on your links were interested in more about that link, so when they reach your landing page (a page where a visitor arrives when he clicks on your link) lets say in this case it is a page onyour website he sees so much other information and links too and 90% click away to something else without taking any action.

A well designed landing page is a one page design around your purpose of the topic designed to engage, influence the visitor to buy, subscribe or download without any other distractions. This way you get all your traffic to this landing page and improve conversions and sales.

5. Do you have an email list?

A solid growth hack, based on my experience, is to create an Opt-in form to get your audience to signup and build an email list. Yes building an organic email list takes months if not years. Adding these on your website for email sign-ups is a great idea. But having sign-up forms on other pages of the sites, including the main blog page, and every blog one writes, is probably a better idea. Design your Opt-in form and write an impressive few lines that will be extremely helpful for your audience. To get signups for your email list, create a sign-up form that clearly indicates the benefits of signing up to your emails.

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