5 reasons to subscribe to valve solutions publisher plan.

B2B buyers are spending significantly more time online than ever before researching your products and services. Over 75% of B2B buyers have researched your company before they get in touch with your sales team. This makes serious case for getting their attention online.

Many companies have taken to the digital marketing much earlier and have made significant headway and achieved success. However the numbers that have failed are much higher. At Valve Solutions our end to end Content marketing solutions can ensure your business achieves the much needed traction on the digital highway without burning a hole in your pocket.

1.Building your own B2B digital presence will cost you time and money.

 Thats right! we have been around for 10 years and it has taken us tons of effort and money to reach, engage, nurture and build relationships across social media using organic methods. Over the years through our blog we have been able to establish trust, credibility among our audience as an industry leader in the digital space. Our 20000+ members across our social networks are buyers, end users, decision makers from the global valves and controls, oil and gas industry. Click here to learn more

2. The audience is focussed around a niche. 

At Valve Solutions over the years we have been publishing several articles and research reports from the Valve and Controls, Oil and Energy Industry and associated ecosystem. Our audience are professionals from across this domain who have enjoyed reading our content and have joined our community across social media to build a 20000+ community of global professionals. Thus we have a steady flow of audience from a strong global community.

 3. The audience profile are the very same people you want to meet offline.

At Valve Solutions we strive to reach more end users, department heads, buyers, decision makers, consultants who are seeking solutions to their many challenges in their respective areas of work. Research has shown B2B buyers are more likely to respond to case studies, success stories which establish proven track record and credibility. We advise most of our clients to take up this task of creating great content to succeed rather than sharing images

of shipments on social media that will disappear within a day.

4. Reach global markets, industry, audience on a budget. 

At Valve Solutions we are solving one of the bigger challenges for many businesses that want to go global viz; building awareness, getting visibility in developed markets. Our geographical reach is 50%USA 30%Europe 20%Others. This way you can first build demand, top of mind presence and get attention of industry leaders by making a permanent post of your articles and case studies on our blog on a budget. We also upsell your content forever to all other relevant inbound visitors to our blog based on similiar keywords, building top of mind presence for your products and services. Click here to learn more.

5. You can focus on the other 80% while we work on the 20% of your business.

With our end to end B2B Content marketing solutions you can put your content to work through our share ready digital platform. We promote every article for 3 months in our weekly email newsletters as well as promotions for your published articles across our social media channels .We can also provide you with professional Content Writing services to get you started. This way you can build a strong outreach program and drive high quality leads to your website.

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