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Data list of Purchase, Contracts at EPC companies Middle East

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This validated data list is in excel format. We have done the B2B prospecting for you and have researched your target audience. This data list contains 104 lead contact details viz;

Data Fields: This data list contains 13 validated data fields viz; FirstName, Last Name, Work Email, Job Title, Location, Linkedin Profile URL, Company Name, Company website, Industry Vertical, Company Founded, Employee Strength, Company Linkedin profile, Company Headquarters in a ready to import excel file.

To name a few companies in the list :

Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation
Galfar Engineering & Contracting SAOG
GASAL - An Air Liquide JV company
Saudi Aramco Mobil Refinery Co.
Sadara Chemical Company
Qatar Petroleum
McDermott International Inc.
Dragon Oil
Kuwait Oil Company
Consolidated Contractors International Company
Subsea 7
Doosan Babcock
General Electric & Trading Co LLC
Chiyoda Almana Engineering LLC
Saudi Aramco Total Refining and Petrochemical Company (SATORP)
Baker Hughes, a GE company
Qatar Petroleum
Schneider Electric
Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) LLC

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What payment forms are currently accepted?

We currently accept Paypal and all major international credit cards. For offline bank to bank transactions please fill in the contact form with your details or contact

Can i define multiple variables for each search criteria in Leads Data plan?

In leads data plan each search criteria define upto 5 job titles (For ex; Buyer, CEO, HR) You can include upto 5 locations viz city or country. Include upto 10 different company names and 5 industry verticals. Note: For niche industry segments please define search keywords in your order form. To order a data list purely based on company names please do write to us at

Do you confirm that people actually work in target companies?

Yes we do! We extract work email ids validate and test for bounce to confirm that person still works there. Only then do we qualify that lead to be further explored to collect other data fields to be passed on to you. Note: For lead data plans we follow the above criteria. For our resume data plan we will include linkedin profiles of those with validated personal email ids also if they meet the search criteria, just in case their work email ids are not valid.

Are the data lists in compliance to GDPR and privacy laws?

Yes! we totally comply with GDPR and privacy laws. We only capture data from third party applications where users have agreed to share or make public their data. For more visit the Privacy link at the bottom of this page.

do you guarantee the accuracy of the data lists?

Absolutely Yes! we guarantee all our custom data lists have an email id and phone number accuracy rate of 95% Further we provide Linkedin profile url in some custom orders for full traceability with between 5 to 34 data fields.

Do you provide real time data in your data plans?

Yes!. We work on each project for customers in real time. We use human expertise and software to search, extract filter and validate the data for accuracy. All our custom orders offer validated leads data in real time.

How do i submit my order details for custom orders?

After making any purchase of custom orders from our online store, please do fill out the contact form so we may start processing your order or you may write to us at

What are the contact data fields i will get with leads data plan?

The leads data plan will include 25 data fields viz; First name, Last name, Email ids work/personal, phone numbers, Location, Linkedin profile url, Job Title, Company name, Industry vertical, website url, Company established year, Employee strength, Company Linkedin Profile url, Company Headquarters.

What are the data fields included in the Resume data plan?

All our resume data lists will include 34 data fields viz; First name, Last name, Email id (work, personal) Location, Phone number( work, personal) Linkedin profile url, Job Title, Company name, Industry vertical, website url, Company established year, Employee strength, Company Linkedin Profile url, Company Headquarters. Skills, Previous 3 companies, work history, job titles also link to profile photo is included. To get a complete idea please download the FREE sample data list from our online store.

Can i define multiple job positions with resume data plan?

In the Resume data plan you can define upto 5 different job titles or job position (For ex; Buyer, analyst, human resource) You can include upto 5 locations viz city or country. Include upto 10 different company names, 5 industry verticals and 5 Skillsets. Choose a combination of parameters that define your requirement. Note: For niche industry segments please define search keywords in your order form . or you may write to us at

How are you different from other data players?

Firstly no monthly billing traps. Just pay for what you want. Order from 150 upto 500 contacts. We do all the B2B propspecting human verified, sourcing data in real time, validating and testing and offer you the data list ready to work on. Also other players may need you to do the search, sourcing and select contacts from their limited database and you could end up with unverrifed old contacts data.

What data fileds are included in the Business data plan?

You will get custom business data viz; business name, address, email id, phone number, website URL. Note this data plan does not include employee lead data.

What is the search criteria for Business data plan?

Just define 5 keywords associated with the business data you are seeking and define upto 10 geographical locations in each search criteria. Location must be defined as cities, neibhourhoods or even PIN codes to be more precise.

Do you allow cancellation and refunds?

No since data is not a product but a file. Once an order is placed we do not accept cancellations or process refunds.

Do you replace any bounced contacts?

Yes we will replace any bounced contacts from our custom orders beyond 5% of total contacts even on discounted orders, However this may not apply to discounted ready to download data lists.

How can i search for a data list?

Just type a keyword in the search bar above the store and the quickly filter data lists across categories or target markets. Its that simple!

How do i view product description of any data list?

Just click on the title description of the data list to view all the product description of each and every data list.You will not be required to share any credit card details to view the same.

Will i recieve the data lists instantly?

Yes! you will recieve your data list instantly from our fully automated ecommerce store. You can download the FREE sample data lists to test the ease and delivery of the data lists.

What data fields are included in the email & phone data lists?

All our data lists include anywhere between 5 and 24 data fields which are indicated in the product description for each data list. We have clearly labelled all data lists as "Email data lists" (includes email along with other fields) and "Phone data list" (Includes email and phone numbers along with other fields) To view all the data fields click on the title of the data list.

How do i join the rewards program?

Just create your account on our store with just your email id, by clicking on the My account or Sign In link above this FAQ to earn 100 bonus rewards points. Click on the black rewards box to unlock your rewards and earn points and use them as cash $$ to shop on our store in addition to the discounts...Hurry!!

What are the benefits of the rewards program?

On signing up you will get 100 reward points. once you complete several social actions and tasks you will get additional rewards points close to 500 points. you can use these points to pay in addition to the discounts. 100 points equals 1$. When you shop on our store you will get 10 points for every 1$ spend. On your birthday you will get 1000 rewards points.

What is the referal rewards points?

When you sign you for the rewards program you will get a unique referal link when you share this link with friends and colleagues and if they make a purchase using that link thay will get $5 OFF in addition to all discounts and you will receive 500 points.

what are bonus rewards points?

When you shop for $50 or more you will recieve 500 rewards point plus 200 bonus points. Shop for $100 or more get 300 bonus points. Shop for $200 or more get 400 bonus points. Shop for $300 or more get 500 bonus points.


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The ready to download Data Lists are accurate and genuine, tailored just for our requirement. I totally reccomend the Data  lists from Valve Solutions and wont hesitate to place an order. 

Jim Cahill,

Head Social Marketing, Emerson, USA

Being Emersons chief blogger i have seen Valve Solutions and its offerings of considerable value. Unlocking  and validating lead data across social media channels with accuracy and authenticity is the key and Valve Solutions are on top of their game.

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