Customer profile data, Find Phone number, Email address

How much does a lead cost you?

At Valve Solutions we understand your business challenges. We do the heavy lifting of B2B prospecting your target audience. We build custom data list of leads or your prospects and unlock upto 25 data fileds for you to close that next sale. All our data lists, phone number and email ids are validated using AI software. We follow a diligent process to confirm the lead works in the target company as displayed on the linkedin profile and only after testing the work email id for bounce do we qualify that lead to be passed over to you.


          Just define the {Job Title} + {Target Locations} + {Target Company}                                             and {Industry Vertical}


Now unlock the power of this data list. Run multiple email marketing campaigns tailored around these data points.  way which is 10 times more effective. Send them more appropriate product brochures,  content that most appeal to them. Send them custom offers, invites to your events or even prospect for Hiring. Get introduced and connect with your prospects on Linkedin. Keep them upto date about other upcoming products, offers, events. This way you can drive your email marketing to success and build a steady pipeline of leads and close more sales. 



We do not violate data Privacy laws and comply with the same


Knowing the Job Title behind an email id empowers you to decide who should make the sales call. Now email the right content to the right person


Location data allows you to forward the lead to a regional sales team. Also ideal if you intend to offer gift vouchers for your Events and workshops


View Company Linkedin profile, Get updates on projects, announcements. Know employee strength, size up the deal. Make the right product pitch!


Linkedin Profile URL is a complete 360 degree view of your lead. Now you know his area of expertise. Which products or services are going to be of interest to him. Connect right away!



We do 90% of the heavy lifting prospecting your leads so your sales can close more sales.


95% Deliverability Accuracy. We extract, filter, enrich and validate upto 25 data fields for you.


We will add 10% extra contacts with every order to provision for any bounce if at all.


We do not maintain any database of contacts. We work on every project as per clients requirement.

Samir Limaye

VP at WIMCO, ITC Group, India

We  were looking to export packaging machinery to global markets. The  Data lists have worked for us. We  have been buiding a steady pipeline of quality leads through our email campaigns.

Stacy Broadwell

CEO, Techrecruit Conference, USA

We host multiple HR tech conferences across USA all year. The Data lists from team VS has been excellent. We have been able to drive registration to our events.

Tim Kohler

Global CSO at AS Schneider, Singapore

The Data lists gave us actionable insights on which prospects to pursue. Thus freeing up resources, saving time and money. Totally reccomend Valve Solutions


Get 18 validated data fields  in excel sheet in 2 days viz; Name, Company, Job Title, work/personal email id, Linkedin profile URL. lFAQ's for more.

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