B2B Prospecting, Customer profile data, Resume Sourcing

Analysing Data

Data is the core of every business in todays Digital world. At Valve Solutions our first priority is always the interests of our clients. We started out out as a digital marketing platform in early 2009. We have seen the entire space of B2B Content Marketing, Email Marketing and Leadgeneration evolving rapidly. We at Valve Solutions understand how we can harvest all that data beneath every B2B prospect, giving you more valuable insights into your B2B  leads, customer profile and candidates. Whether you are looking for a custom data list of Leads with valid phone number, email address, Sourcing active and passive resumes, B2B Content marketing solutions or just quality Content Writing , We assure you of the best.

How much does a B2B lead cost you?

Traditional email marketing by spamming 

unknown people just by having access to their 

email id is a complete disaster in todays digital world. What if you could know more than just email id, the actual person. Where he works, his job title, the events he attends. Yes this is now possible through Valve Solutions customer profile data lists. You can actually connect with your B2B propspects  on Linkedin through our custom data lists before you even reach out to them. Get valid phone number, email address along with over 13 data fields. Run unlimited custom email marketing campaigns, promotions and offers, based on leads location, job title, product interest and events. 

Are you wasting time and money with hiring?


Do you find yourself spending way too much time in the process of getting the point across to recruiters, poor response from job boards or even just too tired from going through a pile of resumes that lack the skills. Worry not, we at Valve Solutions have just the solution for you. Just define a simple recipe as {Job Title} + {Location} and or {Company} and our data experts will build a database of resumes of candidates that fit your job profile. Ready to import pdf files completely verified using AI software. Get contact particulars, work history, education qualifications and Linkedin profile url. Now get a complete 360 degree perspective of your candidates and connect with them on Linkedin.